The Best Security Doors for Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to protecting your home, the right security door is essential. Steel doors are among the most secure entry doors, as they are nearly impossible to open and are more likely to dent than break. However, there are many other types of security doors available, from individual security doors to double security doors. This guide will help you decide which type of security door is best for your home.

Individual security doors are the most common type of door for basic front doors. They can be found in large stores and retailers, but it's best to buy them directly from the manufacturer for the best guarantees and customization options. Our home improvement company offers hardware options for security doors, so customers can choose the color and design they prefer. All locks have metals that resist the elements, and lock sets and handles come in a variety of finishes.

Steel bars offer security but can obstruct the view and ruin the aesthetics of your home. Nylon screens are better for keeping insects away than for safety, while stainless steel mesh provides security with the same view as a nylon screen. Security doors may not be DIY friendly, and even those that are easily installed may require two people for safety reasons. Double security doors come in a wide variety of styles and designs, from simple vertical bars to more elaborate floral and medallion designs that look great in Spanish-style homes.

Mahogany front doors also provide a classic look while protecting your home's entrance. Laser door styles can come from pre-existing templates or templates designed with steel mills who manufacture your door. If you have a double front door, sliding glass doors, or French doors, double security doors are what you need. The right fit can make all the difference between a secure door that fits well and one that can be easily removed.

Smart locks aren't the only way to strengthen the security of a door; sometimes you have to start with the front door itself. When shopping for regular or security screen doors, it's important to consider all your options. To help you make an informed decision, Steel Advantage in Phoenix, Arizona has put together this guide on the 4 types of security screen doors. Consider buying your security mosquito door from a manufacturer that creates a screen based on your specific needs.