How to Make Your Door More Secure

When it comes to safety, it is important to make sure that your door is secure. Solid-core doors made of wood, steel, or fiberglass with a wood core are some of the strongest and most secure options available. Steel security doors are particularly difficult to break or break through. You can also add additional reinforcements to your door to increase security.

A common reinforcement is a bolt that can only be locked (and unlocked) from the inside. Installing a lock yourself can also help provide greater security. The front door lock is only as effective as its impact plate. The latch plate is the part of the latch mechanism into which the latch is inserted when it is locked.

If the latch plate has screws that are less than 2 ½ inches long, the bolt won't be as secure as it could be. A secure entry begins with a solid door and a Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt with a solid 1-inch door. Any exterior door that has only one lock on the doorknob is not secure. A sturdy screwdriver or small lever can quickly bend the door frame enough to release the latch. To strengthen the door from the inside, you can install a keyless lock, a barricade on the door, a horizontal security bar or a lock with a security plate. You can also enjoy the benefits of these security devices even if you're not at home by leaving home through the garage.

One of the advantages of installing a mortise lock on the doors of your house is that you can close the door on both sides. A durable jambs reinforcement kit significantly improves security by making the front door much more resistant to forceful attacks. You can prevent the door from being locked by keeping the door “on the latch”, but this doesn't protect your door against more sophisticated attacks, such as forcing the keys or knocking on them (that's why you should install a secure lock as a first step). You can install as many reinforcements as possible, but an old or damaged door only offers some security. If you've recently moved into your home and are worried that a spare key has been lost or that too many people have a copy of the front door key, you can ask a local locksmith to re-open the front door lock. Not all thieves give up if they can't get in through the front door, so it's important to ensure its security.

Installing hinge bolts also prevents thieves from lifting the door from its place, even if the hinge pins are removed. It is important to understand that security comes from the lock and not from the door handle (even if you have a key lock). Today's contemporary front doors offer exceptional energy-saving performance for greater thermal efficiency and greater security for greater peace of mind. This door security device is also ideal for protecting apartment doors, as it is relatively easy to remove without damaging the jamb too much. These sets usually contain metal protectors for jambs and hinges and also a secure locking plate that fits most standard doors. Mortise locks are another category of home security locks that are generally installed in a door pocket of many houses, residential buildings, and apartments.