The Benefits of Installing a Security Screen Door

Security screen doors provide an extra layer of protection to your home, giving you peace of mind. The pros and cons of security doors will help you measure peace of mind versus cost. Don't assume that a security door involves an aesthetic commitment. Security doors come in styles that are effective and attractive to all parts of your home.

The most common type of security door is the openwork steel door, which combines wrought iron with tempered glass and often has floral, filigree and Spanish-style details. A poorly installed security door can be faulty, so it's important to hire a professional with experience installing security doors if you want your door to work under pressure. Thieves are looking for the house on the block that is easiest to break into, and when they see a security door, it's an instant deterrent because the time and effort needed to break the door will increase their chances of being caught. Thieves are also likely to assume that a homeowner who is smart enough to install a security door is likely to have other security measures in place.

You can equip a security door with locks, hidden hinge screws, duplication-proof keys, fingerprint keys and a peephole to create a tight security situation. If you choose a steel security door, there's a chance you'll see rust and corrosion as the years go by, which can weaken the door protection. Security doors don't just provide security against other people; they can also keep you safer during a storm as they can withstand high winds and flying debris better than a standard door. However, they do not provide insulation from other door styles, so they can make your home more congested in hot climates.

In that case, you might want to install a security mosquito door instead. Security mosquito doors offer a good level of protection against intruders and allow air and light to flow freely around the house. Depending on your needs and desires, investing in a security door may pay off. If you're ready to install one in your home, look for security door installers in your area.

In addition, a security screen door isn't just for keeping unwanted people and eyes away; these doors can also prevent insects from entering. Storm doors have certainly evolved since the late 19th century, and one of those products is the security door. The decision to install a security screen door instead of a regular door can be an emotionally difficult choice; however, these doors will increase the amount of light allowed into the property without sacrificing privacy. Crimsafe security screen doors also increase the value of your home and can improve its appearance.

Going through the process of installing a security door will increase a person's profitability when going to sell it. Security screen doors are more expensive with heavy metal frames and multi-point locking systems; however, you can also find hidden security doors that look like wood and fiberglass from the outside.