The Difference Between Storm Doors and Security Doors

The main difference between a storm door and a security door is the level of protection they provide. Storm doors are designed to protect your home from the elements, while security doors are designed to protect your home from thieves. While storm doors are designed to withstand Mother Nature and daily wear and tear, some storm door designs take protection to the next level. These glass doors offer a wide range of benefits that can help protect the front door and wallet.

A traditional storm door has one or more tempered glass inserts that allow natural light to fill the entrance of the house when the front door is open. In addition, you can place security doors at the entrance or in vaults to protect your precious belongings. All storm doors must be available with openings on the right or left side and a range of colors that match or match the front door. Additional safety elements can be found on the hinges, such as a hinge screw, so that the doors cannot be opened by removing the pins from the hinges.

For those who want the protection of a door from storms but still want to enjoy the sweet southern breeze, retractable storm doors with mosquito nets are the perfect option. If you're thinking of buying a storm door or a storm door with retractable mosquito net for your home in Athens, the Window World of Athens team would love to discuss all your options with a free quote. These exterior doors often have simple hardware and hinges, and the protected part of the door may cover its entire length or only the upper half. The storm door protects the exterior doors against inclement weather, while allowing sunlight and air to filter through the house, keeping insects away from home if you replace the glass panels for a screen during summer days.

There are two types of security doors: one with rods in a barred format and the other with a solid structure very similar to conventional doors. If there's a furry member of your family that you want to invite in, storm doors also come in styles that include built-in doors for pets. Storm doors offer many of the same benefits as mosquito doors (such as letting in natural light) and, at the same time, provide much more protection at the entrance. However, while mosquito nets can be as southern as semolina and sweet tea, they're not the only exterior door option available.

It is best to leave installation of security doors to professionals due to their complexity and importance for protecting your home from intruders. Storm doors are an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy natural light while still having an extra layer of protection against inclement weather.