Are Security Storm Doors Worth It?

Deciding to install a security screen door instead of a regular door can be an emotionally difficult choice. It's true that it's more expensive, but it's an extra layer of protection for your family and your belongings. First, a little information about security doors. You already know what storm doors are, if not on the television, in your neighborhood.

Storm doors are the cornerstone of American homes and have protected families from harsh weather conditions since the Civil War. Storm doors have certainly evolved since the late 19th century, and one of those products is the security door. Of course, not every home needs a storm door; not everyone lives in Hurricane or Tornado Alley. However, the extra layer of protection they offered was a feature that other families were looking for.

In reality, it's all in the name, but security is a big plus, especially if you fear for the safety of your family and your belongings. Security doors have stronger frames (stainless steel or aluminum) that can withstand forced pressure. Many of you are DIY enthusiasts and enjoy a challenging project. However, security doors are not suitable for DIY projects. You can try, but the warranty won't cover you.

It is best to hire a trained technician to install the security door to ensure that it is properly adjusted and secure. Screenmobile technicians measure and install custom-made security doors to fit your home. As mentioned above, some styles of security doors are evolved storm doors. You get the same waterproofing benefits, insulating yourself from cold air and wind, while reducing your energy costs and protecting your family. Adding a security door immediately increases the value of your home. You'll also have to pay less for your home insurance.

Taking the necessary steps to fully protect your home can save you money in the long run, without thinking about the valuables you protect inside your home. You can contact your local Screenmobile franchise and ask them for a quote, including a call to request the measurements and selection of doors and a second call (two weeks later) for a professional installation. But storm doors aren't for everyone. From a strictly economic point of view, heat loss is the most important factor. And it's only a good investment if your front door is old but still in good condition, according to federal authorities.

It's generally not worth adding a storm door to a newer, insulated, foam-core door, because it won't save much more energy. Storm doors offer additional security, insulation and versatility to your home. However, choosing the right storm door is critical to providing comfort and protection to the front door. If you're thinking about installing storm doors, it's crucial that you know some of the pros and cons to avoid making a mistake. Security mosquito doors are ideal for any family and homeowner situation. While they may be more expensive than other security measures, they live up to their price.

They will last for many years and provide a layer of security for your home. Having one form of security is good, but it's better to have many. If you buy a security screen door, we also recommend that you purchase a security system with sensors on the doors, which will provide you with another layer of protection and warning in case an intruder could enter your home. By having a security screen door, you've eliminated that option for any potential thief. Although they're not for everyone, storm doors and screen doors can be a great addition to your home. It's true; security doors are more expensive with heavy metal frames and multi-point locking systems. If you want to invest your hard-earned money where the statistics say it should be, the security of your doors should be your number one priority. However, when you look at a security screen door, you know that you're getting everything you paid for and more.

Security mosquito doors are specially designed to prevent someone from taking advantage of your home through one of its main entrances. Doors with exposed wood will require more maintenance and painting, so it might be worth choosing a door with a weatherproof outer layer. Doors that aren't built for security can't last long against brute force, and neither can their locks. We'll help you make your decision with a clear conscience, regardless of whether you choose a security screen door. In summer or during the months of warm weather, you can leave the front door open while the storm door allows ventilation and at the same time prevents bugs and insects from entering your home. A storm door is a second door that is installed to protect against inclement weather and allows ventilation in good weather. A storm door also protects the front door which reduces maintenance costs and can provide an additional level of security against theft.